Sources for Tracing Pre-Mid 19th Century English Ancestors
Paul Blake and Maggie Loughran
Outline of Course
Session 1
Understanding England's place within the British Isles; over a thousand years of civil and ecclesiastical administration.
The structure and orginization of English archives, record offices and libraries. How to locate them and access the material they hold.
Session 2
The records of Catholics and Catholicism, and those produced as a consequence of the Penal Laws.
Protestant non-conformity; the history and records of those who were not part of the Established Church.
Session 3
Records of the Parish, including the parish chest; a study of the parish archive.
The parish and relief of the porr; the pre-1834 Poor Laws.
Session 4
Starting with Domesday Book of 1086, the records of land and property, and the many ways it could be purchased or inherited.
The English manor, a study of its function, proceedings and surviving records relating to its inhabitants as well as the manorial lands themselves.
Session 5
London. For over 1,000 years London has been the country's administrative centre with records covering not only its inhabitants but the many who passed through the capital or were involved in its commercial, legal and other activities, wherever they lived.