Ireland Land, Property and Estate Records
(with Fragmentary Evidence Correlation)
David Rencher, AG, CG, FUGA, FIGRS
RIck Sayre, CG, CGL

Instruction Sessions:
1.Introduction to Irish Land Records (Rencher)– This session introduces early Irish land law, plantation settlement schemes, the relevant Irish Statutes, Irish Land Commission, the Quit Rent Office, the Land Registry, Registry of Deeds and the Landed Estates Court.
2.Valuation and Tithe Records (Rencher)– An introduction to the various pre and post publication records of the Valuation Office, including the Field, House, Perambulation, Tenure, Quarto, Rent, Mill, Map, and Revision (Cancel) Books.
3.Chasing the Poor and the Landless (Rencher)– The records of the Irish poor are voluminous, but scattered throughout Ireland and England. This session helps you identify appropriate record groups; employ sound strategies; and analyze the records for success.
4.Irish Mapping Tools (Sayre)– Understanding place is fundamental to Irish research. Maps are one of our key tools. This session describes the essential mapping resources needed to research in Ireland. The discussion will include Ordnance Survey maps, valuation maps, and modern GIS tools. Examples of correlation with other information will be demonstrated.
5.Ireland’s Registry of Deeds (Rencher)– A rich source of information for tracing the landed families of Ireland and in many instances, their tenants. Learn about the various major categories of deeds, including sales/conveyances, leases, mortgages, Bills of Discovery, Marriage Settlements and Wills in the registry.
6.Ireland’s Estate Records (Rencher)– Considered the next best source after parish records, the estate records bridge between direct and indirect evidence of relationships and parentage. Discover Ireland’s principle underutilized record collection for Irish genealogy.
7.Reconstructing the Neighborhood for Rural Dwellers (Rencher)– This is a two-hour hands-on workshop to reconstruct and identify the land boundaries for rural Ireland.
8.Reconstructing the Neighborhood for City Dwellers (Rencher) – This is a two-hour hands-on workshop to reconstruct and identify the property boundaries for city dwellers.
9.Plantation and Settlement of 17thCentury Ulster (Rencher)– Learn about the confiscation and resettlement of Irish land, the London Companies, the Scottish Connection, Adventurers and Discovers and the effect that migration and emigration had on the people of Northern Ireland.
10.Encumbered Estates Court (Rencher)– The Great Famine brought with it devastation not only in terms of the loss of life and the effects of emigration, but a severe economic crisis on the owners of the great landed estates of Ireland. This session identifies the records and methodology for the post-famine time period.
11.Land Records in the Courts of Law (Rencher)– Disputes over land filled the courts throughout the British Isles. Ireland was no different except with the destruction of many of the court records, the research strategies are follow a different path. 
12. Getting it all in Ireland (Sayre)– A case study of mining all the available information in Ireland. Despite significant record loss, there exist an amazing amount of records including Griffith’s