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International Society for British Genealogy and Family History

Contacting ISBGFH

Mailing Address
International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
P.O. Box 3345
Centennial, CO 80161
General Inquiry:
President: Francis Southcott
Vice President: Allen Peterson, CG
Secretary: Janice Droge
Treasurer: Kathleen Ackerman
Trustee (through end of 2018): Janice Prater
Trustee (through end of 2018): Christine Green
Trustee (through end of 2018): Cherri White
Trustee (through end of 2019): Melissa Johnson, CG
Trustee (through end of 2019): David Rencher, AG, CG
Trustee (through end of 2019): Barbara Scanlon
Trustee (through end of 2020): Claire Brisson-Banks, AG
Trustee (through end of 2020): Anastasia Webber
Trustee (through end of 2020): Ann Lisa Pearson
Other Positions
British Connections Editor: Christine Woodcock
Webmaster: Rollie Littlewood
Membership Chair: Sue McNelly
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Our previous P.O. Box in Westminster CO has been closed.
ISBGFH is not able to conduct research for either members or non-members, nor is it able to recommend specific professional genealogists to help others with their British Isles research. We recommend checking the “Finding a Genealogist” selection in the menu on the left.